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Mankind's Collision with the Future

“Too many cars, too many factories, too much detergent, too much pesticides, multiplying contrails,
inadequate sewage treatment plants, too little water, too much carbon dioxide
- all can be traced easily to too many people.”

―Paul Ehrlich, Author: The Population Explosion

Mankind is on a direct collision course with the future. As of 2018, human civilization stands at 7.7 billion people and growing rapidly. For all intents and purposes, human population numbers are completely 'out of control'. 7.7 billion people is 3 times the normal carrying capacity of the Earth to properly sustain a healthy environment for what should only be 2-3 billion people living green, sustainable lifestyles.

Trillions of dollars, euros, yuan, rubles, yen etc., are being completely wasted and squandered producing weapons and warfare for the global military industrial intelligence security complex. War is obselete in the 21st century and can never be fought in an interdependent and interconnected world without long-lasting consequences to the peace and security of the peoples and nations of the world.

Global environmental destruction is rampant on every front. Water stortages, food shortages, soil depletion, global climate change, urban sprawl, global poverty, disease, malnutrition, famine, drought, pollution, floods, fires, species extinction, radiation releases, ocean die-offs, rainforest destruction and whole slew of other global environmental crises' are now threatening to undermine the critical life-support systems of our biosphere.

In the area of energy, humanity's consistent failure to rapidly transit out of the highly destructive and highly antiquated hydrocarbon economy has now created the global civilizational emergency of global climate change, which now directly threatens the continuity and survival of the human species. Runaway arctic methane releases are now threatening humanity with a 15-40 degree fahrenheit increase in average global temperatures by 2100 unless human civilization makes a rapid shift into alternative, non-polluting, free energy systems (such as zero-point and antigravitic energy).

The global capitalist economic system of the planet, supported, run and operated by the International Jewish Rothschild Banking Cartel, headquartered in the CITY of London in the United Kingdom, is literally "locked-in" to the throes of its own overthrow, self-implosion and self-destruction, unless they learn to exercise the bold and decisive leadership and initiative that will be needed to evolve our civilization from an immature type 0 to an advanced type 1 civilization on Earth. The time clock is ticking down rapidly (see population numbers monitor below) and is, in fact, the key variable that will determine the extinction or survival status of the human species at this most critical turning point in human history. Alternative global economic systems such as that proposed by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) nations may be able to provide the platform needed to transit humanity into a Global Green World Order, however, without the cooperation and collusion with ALL nations and people's on Earth, the prospects for species survival seems daunting at best.

In the areas of technology and information, the internet and mobile devices have provided humanity with a vast global communications and informational infrastructure and reach, however, and unfortunately, the digital revoltion is gearing itself to enslave rather than to help liberate our global society from the throes of its own self-destructive tendencies and behavior. A global Big Brother spy and surveillance penopticon complete with unlimited databases, ubiquitious surveillance cameras and a totalitarian cashless economic system of buying and selling, is inconsistent with the real world needs and requirements of a sustainable, green world order predicated upon the foundations of personal privacy, redistribution of wealth and a post war economy. The formation of a totalitarian fascist police state is incompatable with the creation and operation of a Global Green World Order.

One critical key component that has prevented the proper evolutionary development of consciousness to come to fruition in helping to Save our Planet from its current trajectory of utter and complete death, destruction and collapse, has been the issue of meat eating. The meat and dairy industries have been one, if not the greatest, contributor to the threat of global climate change. Meat eating is unnecessary, environmentally destructive and has been primarily responsible for the promotion of violence prone personalities. The next key evolutionary advancement of the human condition requires the complete cessation and termination of all meat consumption.

Unfortunately, the response by the global corporate elite in dealing with these rapidly oncoming global crises' has been offensively oriented. That is, in the area of overpopulation, for example, measures have, and are now, being taken to forcibly depopulate the masses. Eugenics/depopulation programs that include; the proliferation and standardization of GMO food, forced vaccinations, 5G killer wireless networks (psychotronic warfare), chemtrails, fluoridated water, bioweapons lab created global pandemics, deliberate unsustainable global development policies and the promulgation of wars and conflict worldwide, have all been used to forcibly cull and kill off the masses. Such programs have already destroyed the lives of billions worldwide. A global nuclear war (world war 3) could eliminate up to 1/2 of humanity- 3 to 4 billion people- if these terrible weapons are ever unleashed.

Mankind's reaction to the multifaceted number of crises' that are barreling down upon human society at this late hour is predictable, yet it is not a fate accompli. With C4I (compassion, cooperation, cosmology, consciousness and intelligence) the human species can seize the reigns of its own destiny and learn to successfully navigate the tsunami of world crises' that now confronts us all globally. The cosmic force of creation and the ageless trajectory of human evolution have provided all the inner resources and foresight that will be required for us to survive and prosper well into the 21st century and beyond. Let us, therefore, seize the initiative, throw off our ancient prejudices, transcend and evolve beyond our incessant warmongering and build an advanced civilization on Earth.

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
Paris, France

March 14, 2024


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